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Developing growth mindset traits with the SQI | taught by Ian Dyason

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Previously known as "Developing the Growth Mindset" programme

Hi there!

My name is Ian Dyason and I am your online course trainer. I am also the Founder of Growth Consulting & Training, a company that is focused on providing individualised learning en masse. How do we do that? Well, first of all, our programmes are traits-based, this means that we break down the theory into behaviours. Then, we develop specific learning courses to grow those traits, and we put them in an online course, just like this one.

Next, all our participants go through a traits assessment called the Success Quotient Intelligence (SQI) to uncover areas where they will be strong, and areas where they may need some developmental focus. The corresponding report will then allow them to identify just what to focus on in their development, allowing them to dive into the lessons that make the most sense to them. In this way, individualise their learning. If you have not yet done your SQI Growth Mindset assessment, please sign up for it using this link...!free-sqi-assess

In this course, I will be introducing you to the growth mindset, contrasting that with the fixed. The growth mindset is the #1 requirement for entrepreneurial success, although it is not a predictor. It is also the mindset that leads to leading, to managing uncertainty, to developing new products and ideas, to driving team success. So much is linked to the growth mindset, it is a wonder there isn't more emphasis in our schools.

I hope to change this.

This course has four parts: Part One dives into the SQI and helps you understand your own profile. It also explains the interconnections between and among, the different trait sets, answering typical questions along the way.

Part Two discusses the impact of the fixed and growth mindsets on learning, and explains why the growth mindset is the preferred mindset.

Part Three opens up specific ways you can take to develop the different trait sets.

Finally, Part Four wraps it up with applications of the growth mindset in 4 specific areas - at work, at home, in business and in relationships.

Should you encounter any problem while doing this programme, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. My email is plastered all over this site, so there is no excuse not to be able to find me.

Remember, you have perpetual access to this course, so do come back to it again and again, should you need an "update" on your thinking.

Okay...enough talk!

Here's to your growth mindset success!

Ian Dyason

Ian Dyason
Ian Dyason
Course Developer & Instructor

Ian Dyason is the Founder of Growth Consulting & Training Pte Ltd, and the former Chief Operating Officer of Training Vision Institute Pte Ltd and CEO of A I Training & Consulting. Ian has been a trainer, consultant & facilitator for many organisations for the past 17 years.

Ian is the Master Trainer for the Clarity State Decision Making™ methodology in Asia, an MIT-Sloan development for strategic decisions. Ian also teaches Prof Jeanne Liedtka’s programs on strategic thinking in Asia. He is also the developer of the Strategic Decision Making framework that has been applied successfully in many large organisations.

Ian graduated from the National University of Singapore 1990 with a Bachelor of Engineering on a full government scholarship and from the University of Leicester, UK in 1996 with a Master of Business Administration.

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Course Curriculum

1.1 Unpacking the SQI
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1.2 What your SQI assessment tells you
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1.3 How to understand your SQI Growth Mindset Report
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1.4 Focusing your learning
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Part Two: Impact of the fixed and growth mindset on learning
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2.2 What the fixed mindset does to learning
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2.3 Why the growth mindset is the preferred mindset for learning?
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3.2 Resilience & Boldness
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3.3 Diligence & Courage
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3.4 Progress & Agility
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3.5 Humility & Discipline
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3.6 Concluding on traits development
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4.1 At Work
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4.2 At Home
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4.3 In Business
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4.4 In Relationships
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